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Visitors’ Guide

Welcome to Ho Springs, a serialized novel and multi-media event set in a fictionalized version of Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Created and developed by Pamela Redmond Satran with participation by a host of other writers, artists, and musicians, Ho Springs is a website unlike anything you’ve seen before.

The main story, updated every day by novelist Satran, will follow the lives of all the main characters of Ho Springs: cafe owner Cora McAdams, her Paris-bred teenage daughter Juliette, racetrack vet and all-around great guy George Forrest, his fallen ex-wife Taryn Piper, the spa masseuse bound for bigger things LaTonya Jones. For more on the people who populate Ho Springs, check out our Character Page or click on the icons along the top of the site.

You can dig deeper into the hearts and lives of many of the characters of Ho Springs by reading their blogs and special sections, created by noted writers: Taryn’s Little Black Book by novelist Benilde Little; Jimmie Sue’s tarot readings by novelist and journalist Debra Galant; Cora’s Kitchen by food writer and restaurateur Susan Sherrill Axelrod; and Juliette’s Secret Diary, by Danielle Miksza.

Ho Springs also features original music written and performed for the site by musicians from Texas to New England. Our first featured performer, singing his original song Wandering Feet, is Matthew Michael.

Ho Springs’ logo and design is by designer Katie Mancine, and the site was engineered by composer Dennis Tobenski.

Read more about the fictional Ho Springs and our story, along with the real Hot Springs.

Find out more about the characters of Ho Springs.

Discover more about the writers, artists, and musicians behind the site.

Learn about the origins and creation of Ho Springs.