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Cora McAdams went to Paris for her junior year abroad nearly twenty years ago, met Medhi Laurent, and never — until recently — returned. She and Medhi married, ran a small cafe near the Canal St. Martin, and raised their daughter Juliette as a French girl.

Cora learned to speak perfect French and never tired of the pleasures of shopping and eating in her adopted city. But marriage to her French Moroccan husband, terminally unfaithful and increasingly temperamental, grew untenable. Especially after her mother died, her father fell ill, and her brother lost his hold on the family business, Cora became convinced that leaving Medhi meant leaving France.

Juliette is a thoroughly French girl, however, and is distraught at the thought of life away from Paris. Among the things Juliette (and even Cora) will miss most about their beloved 10th (the arrondissement near the canal) are:

Eating at….

Le Martel
3 rue Martel
For couscous or steak frites, strawberries for dessert, and rubbing elbows with the fashion people.

Le Cambodge
10 ave Richerand
The best Cambodian food

Having fun at….

Chez Prune

71 Quai de Valmy
Sitting at a table outside people watching have a coffee

Point FMR on the banks of the canal
In summer you can drink beer outside
Anytime there are concerts indoors, with dancing

Shopping at….

Thanx God I’m a VIP

12 rue de Lancry
A horrible name but full of great vintage, deadstock YSL and Givenchy

Antoine et Lili
95 Quai de Valmy
Brightly colored stores selling trinkets, housewares, ornaments