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The Exquisite A Go Go

The Exquisite A Go Go is the baddest, raunchiest bar in town, lying just beyond the well-touristed downtown. It’s the Bada Bing Arkansas Style, with nude dancers and tough guys but also hillbillies instead of yos, meth addicts instead of junkies, and a more racially diverse management and clientele. Most popular drink: The Bucket of Fuck-It, a plastic pail filled with the leftovers of everybody else’s drinks. Though an increasing number of the Go Go’s patrons prefer crank to alcohol.

The denizens of the Go Go include:


Small and slight, blonde and sweet-voiced, Taryn Piper looks and seems barely older than the 19-year-old girl she was when she first met George Forrest. An abused child who became a runaway and then a prostitute and addict, George saved her from the streets. The two married and had a daughter, Beth, now six.

Taryn tried to be a good mother and wife, but she just couldn’t handle it. She started sneaking away and using drugs again, eventually becoming addicted to methamphetamine and leaving her daughter and George, sporadically reappearing in their lives when she’s high or needs help. Her current boyfriend is Jamie McAdams, Cora’s n’er-do-well brother.

She’s 25 now, and her meth use is starting to show in her face and her behavior. She’s a woman on the verge: You can still see the gorgeous, vulnerable young girl she was, but she’s slipping toward the ravaged addict George was always afraid she’d become.

Read Taryn’s side of the story.


DaSHAWN, LaTonya Jones’ son and the owner of the Go Go, is the opposite of his bible-thumping twin brother Dwayne, except that they both love money and crave success. But DaShawn is seeking his riches in the underworld, pimping for the dancers at the Exquisite, bleeding the demimonde that populates Hot Springs’ seamy side. DaShawn doesn’t drink or tweak or gamble, but he knows how to exploit those who do.

Read DaShawn’s side of the story.


Llewellyn is the manager of the Go Go, charged with hiring and firing the dancers and bartenders and cleaning up any messes DaShawn doesn’t want to deal with. He’s softer and more innocent than DaShawn and the girls sometimes play him for a soft touch, but he can command action when he wants to, his chief qualification for the job being that, as a former Razorback, he is 6 foot 4 and weighs 300 pounds.