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Jimmie Sue’s Futureama

Jimmie Sue Fallon is Ho Spring’s resident tarot card reader, astrologer, and psychic prognosticator. Everyone visits Jimmie Sue sometimes, even those who claim they don’t believe.

When they fall in love with somebody who doesn’t love them back, when there’s money on the horizon but not quite within their grasp, they need Jimmie Sue’s advice.

The thing about Jimmie Sue is, sometimes she’s right. The police have even been known to call her in on cases, time and again. When Reba Hunter’s little boy Jay-Don went missing, it was Jimmie Sue who led the police to where he sat shivering beneath a willow tree deep in the national park. When the Exquisite A Go Go was robbed, it was Jimmie Sue who figured out it was an inside job.

Jimmie Sue is just not much use when it comes to finding out things about her own life. She’s been seeing Senior McAdam since Ellie died last year, but she has not a clue whether it’s forever, whether it’s true love, whether as two old coots they can even tolerate each other. And Senior’s children Cora and Jamie seem to view Jimmie Sue with the same mix of confusion and suspicion.